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"In Portfolio," an 18 vol., or as we call them, "In Portfolios," featuring The Barry Barnett Collection are being prepared for printing.

You asked for a table top series featuring Barry's originals.
Now you have them.

Would you like more information regarding the Primary Market on the "Barry Barnett Collection?"

Here is how. Order "In Portfolio," table top portfolio now. Select all 18 portfolios

or just the portfolio(s) of interest to you. And you are well on your way.

On ordering you may be offered a credit for each portfolio ordered toward an acquisition of min. amount.

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Mr. Barnett's works in fine art are not sold as securities or investments.
Buy his works in fine art simply because you like them. Do however, insure ALL of your fine art collection.

30 May 2017

 New Fine Art Reproductions Are Here!

"Nor-By-Nor-East/Saint Augustine"

This new work in fine art paper and canvas reproduction has joined
"The Spirit of Saint Augustine" and "The Spirit of Saint Johns,"
within, "The Barry Barnett Collection."

A British frigate heads for open ocean past the Saint Augustine Fort.
Orders given, "Nor-By-Nor-East."
And so it was, home to England.

"Lord of Pirate's Shoal" "Lord of Cannon Patch - Pirate's Shoal"

Now another in Barry's Pirate Lore.
Wonder if, "Two Swords Molly," will follow?

"The Spirit of Saint Augustine"

"The Spirit of Saint Johns"

With Shouts of Jubilee good folk still run down to the docks at Palatka to witness, "The Spirit of Saint Johns," pass from one generation to the next. It only happens just before sunrise. And only as long as a few still remember when catfish jumped and Aunt Agnes' sweet potato pie cost only a hug.  

Yes, the fine art reproductions are available. Please ordered now.

Call today for studio and presenter's locations information: 386-503-5921.


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Copyright © Barry Barnett/Artist International 1996 through 2017 All Rights Reserved