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19 February 2018

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Mr. Barnett's works in fine art are not sold as securities or investments.
Buy his works in fine art simply because you like them. Do however, insure ALL of your fine art collection.

We thank God for His Son and His grace. We thank our Patrons/Collectors for their friendship and support.

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This Sunday morning on Bear Watch as planting begins.

Took a break this morning before it gets too hot to do anything outside.

Miss. Tippy must do her thing so I crank - up the swing blade and go at it. Found out one thing though. If you have problems with hunters and bears, just pick-up a swing blade and start cutting on a fence line. Something about sight of work that chases most troubles away.

"Miss. Tippy voted herself in as membership director of "The Haw Creek Yacht Club."

The local "Yacht Club," would not let her in. So Miss. Tippy started her own, "Yacht Club."

As membership director Miss. Tippy found that I had not paid my dues. Yes she kicked me out!

The Annual Dues? Two Dawg Biscuits.

Loving our Buck's Trail ... FLA Redfish Breakfast ... way of life?

Kindly let me hear from you.

email: or call: 386-503-5921

Rufus, My Old Coon, All the FLA Black Bears along Buck's Trail, Ms. Tippy and I say, "Thank You!"

And so does the Two Swords Molly Twins.

What's Comin'?

"Two Swords Molly" Coming. They Are Twins and Double Edged.

And a Bunch More FLA!

Did you know Twins are Coming into Your Pirate Life? "Two Swords Molly," which is which?

What's New ... Again?

 "Barry's FLA Gold Series"

FIVE NEW Originals Available NOW at $125,000.00 Each.

Fine art reproductions start at $125.00 each unframed.

Be Sure to Ask about these five originals as yet to be posted.

"Gator Landing - Bulow Creek"/Painter's Lair

Where does a Bull Gator rest. Any place it wants!


"Hog Huntin' - Bulow"/Painter's Lair

From behind the dunes through the salt marsh land to the back piney county of Bulow Creek is Painter's Lair.

It is said that a Florida Panther walks around 105 miles a day. While in constant patrol of its Painter's Lair hogs and tidewater white-tailed deer watch for this shadow walker. Should you find yourself stranded one foggy night along Bulow Creek with a strange feeling you are not alone. Then it maybe time for you to get back into your car.

I Know!

"Catfish Bend - Bishop's Swamp"

That catfish is over five feet long.

You say I ain't never seen no catfish that big? Well it may have been at least 60 inches. Find him in Bishop's Swamp and you are at, "Catfish Bend." Never try to catch him. He did not get that big by being a mullet.

"Tidewater Swamp Deer - Bulow Creek"

This tidewater white-tail swamp deer is seen here along Walter Boardman Road.

That location is west of the old Bulow Creek wooden bridge north of the Crab Hole. This is hunting lair of a Florida panther Ms. Willa and the good folk around 1905 called, "Old Painter." But that is another story about a young woman reaching middle-age. Her love for her Prince Albert and coon hunting with Mr. Moses. That place was the Bulow Creek Packinghouse. Yes, just across the saltwater marsh and that Famous Crab Hole.

"Bishop's Swamp - The Bear"

Where is Bishop's Swamp? Only Mr. Bishop knows.

And let us not forget the Florida black bear as well.

"A Pleasant Surprise"/Haw Creek Ranch

From: "Big Sam" The Book

"Couragious Crossing - Painter's Lair"

Bulow Creek North of Ormond Beach, Fla.

"Painter," is another folk name for Panther. In this original; A Florida Panther.


"Showers of Blesings - A Song of Hope"

Hurricane Erma, 2017

Blue Creek Lodge Road (Kinda) South Lake George, Fla.

This original was a gift to the People of Florida, Florida Senate, Dist. 12.

A gift in Honor of The Astor Four and the Pastor's wife under That Pink Hat.

Four servants of Christ who put their life interest on hold for the good folk of Astor.

A story of personal Faith and Work in the flood waters of Lake George, FLA.

"Hog Crossing"/ Haw Creek

Flagler County, FLA.

An original taken from the pages of a book of which pages are still being missspelled.

A tall tale about a bull gator the good folk called "Rufus." And yes a Florida black bear who done mischief, "Old Black Paw." For the educated up north ... If you can not read Florida speak, best Ya' stick to looking at the pictors. Just joking!

"Hard to Port"/Saint Augustine, Fla

Been there. The second Bridge of Lions.

Give a hand. She is turning hard to port against an out going tide; on a full moon with a noreast wind.

"Nor-By-Nor-East/Saint Augustine"

Here a British frigate heads for open ocean past the Saint Augustine Fort.
Orders given, "Nor-By-Nor-East."
And so it was, home to England.

This new work in fine art paper and canvas reproduction has joined
"The Spirit of Saint Augustine" and "The Spirit of Saint Johns,"
within, "The Barry Barnett Collection."

"Spirit of Saint Augustine"

Wait 'til a morning fog just as the sun comes up over Saint Augustine's inlet. She is there.

When will this happen? When the City stops dreaming of better days gone bye and gets to digging a deep water port.

"Spirit of Saint Johns"

Remember the push boats and barges that ran the Saint Johns River?

One day you will be having coffee at Palatka's Famous Diner. Good folk will drop their forks and knives. The waitress and cook will be the first out the double doors. What's all the goings on? The Spirit of Saint Johns is making her run and right on time. But there ain't no push boats on the Saint Johns River anymore. Still Ain't! Everybodys gone Nuts!

Wonder if they have any sweet potato pie.

"In Portfolio"

An 18 vol., or as we call them, "In Portfolios," featuring The Barry Barnett Collection are being prepared for printing.

You asked for a table top series featuring Barry's originals.
Now you have them.

Would you like more information regarding the Primary Market on the "Barry Barnett Collection?"

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For more information call 386-503-5921.

Mr. Barnett's works in fine art are not sold as securities or investments.
Buy his works in fine art simply because you like them. Do however, insure ALL of your fine art collection.


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